Katie Kismet clear Tri Bracelet on gold chain with faux diamond embed
Katie Kismet black Tri Bracelet on silver chain
Variety of Katie Kismet Tri Bracelets, black, white and clear on gold and silver chain
Katie Kismet Tri Bracelets shown on model
Katie Kismet black Tri Bracelets shown on hand
Katie Kismet black Tri Bracelet on silver chain
Katie Kismet black Tri Bracelet on gold chain with faux diamond embed

Tri Bracelet — Black

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The humble triangle. One of the basic shapes in geometry, triangles are sturdy. They have a natural strength that supports against lateral pressures—each of the three sides supporting the other two.

Triangles can symbolize many things, two of my favorites being strength and change. Whatever it means to you, let this delicate token keep you grounded in it. 

A small black triangle hangs delicately from sterling silver or gold-plated chain, offered with and without a faux diamond embed for a next-level option. Also available in clear or white glass.

I make this bracelet 7.5" long, but I'm happy to make it exactly your perfect length. I need your help, though. Please do two things:

1. Decide your length. You can measure a bracelet you own that fits you well, use a length of floss or string to measure around your wrist, or go by this ballpark sizing guide:

Petite / Kids: 6.5"
Small: 7"
Medium: 7.5"
Large: 8"
Extra Large: 8.5"

2. Tell me the size you want by making a note before checkout. (On the Cart page, click the "Add a note to your order" link just below your list of items.) 

Glass: ~1 cm
Sterling silver or gold-plated chain
7.5" long unless requested otherwise

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