Meet Katie

I fell in love with the medium of glass at an “intro to” workshop I took on a lark while traveling. I left bursting with ideas yet didn’t see anyone making what I had in mind, so I set out to create it.

Katie Heiselberg of Katie Kismet

Hand-cutting glass as small as 4mm, I shape and assemble then fire the pieces in a kiln to over 1400 degrees. Many designs require multiple firings, with additional shaping using saws and grinders between each. From the first cut of the glass to firings to final assembly, most Katie Kismet styles take upwards of 20 hours to create.

Why glass?! I love that it's all around us, yet we hardly give a thought to it. I love that it's a natural material and (fun fact!) is neither a liquid nor a solid. I love glass for its luminosity and for its creative challenges.

Whatever the creative endeavor, my work has a visual through-line driven by a love for modern art and architecture, play with color, and Scandinavian-style minimalism. 

I believe in the power and healing of creativity and the arts, empowering and amplifying the work of women, and in the importance of sustainability and conscientious consumerism.

It's my goal to develop unique, quality jewelry and accessories that transcend trends and make you smile for years to come. "Kismet" means destiny and is the name of the street I grew up on. Welcome to Katie Kismet!