Meet Katie

Katie Kismet was born the minute I emerged from a last-minute one-time "Intro to Glass" workshop I took while traveling. Having unexpectedly fallen in love with the medium of glass, I left bursting with ideas for jewelry but didn't see what I wanted to wear in the marketplace, so I set out to create it. 
Katie of Katie Kismet

Whether handcrafting jewelry, designing graphics for clients, or styling my home, my work tells a story inspired by a love for modern art and architecture, play with color, and Scandinavian-style minimalism. My influences include Marimekko, the Memphis Group, Alexander Calder, and the Bauhaus.

Why glass? I love that it's all around us, yet we hardly give a thought to it. I love that it's a natural material and (fun fact!) is neither a liquid nor a solid. I love glass for its luminosity and for its creative restraints.

My process involves hand-cutting and assembling glass then firing it in a kiln. After the first fire, many pieces are further refined using saws and grinders, then fired again. For some items that process is repeated one to two more times. 

It's my goal to develop unique, quality jewelry and home accessories that transcend trends and make you smile for years to come. Katie Kismet pieces are created for the individual who values self-expression through original style, loves to work a pop of color, and delights in the unexpected.

My name is Katie. "Kismet" means destiny and is the name of the street I grew up on. Welcome to Katie Kismet.