Katie Kismet supports the Global Fund for Women

When women are lifted up, so are families, communities, societies, nations and next generations. It’s the effort that supports a thousand other efforts.

The Global Fund for Women works to bring greater equity and opportunity to women around the world, so I’ve chosen it to be KK's primary non-profit.

Katie Kismet supports the Global Fund for Women in two ways.

The Glass Giving Garden Project

HOW IT WORKS: I “plant” a glass flower somewhere around Austin. (All plantings and clues are announced on my Instagram stories and saved in the “Glass Garden” highlights.)

YOU find the glass flower. 🌸 Yay! Then snap a photo of the flower and share it on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @katiekismet. (Finders can also email their photos to me; the flower will tell you everything.)

When I see your tag, I'll send $5 to the Global Fund for Women. Then you can choose to leave the flower for someone else to find or take it home to enjoy it's bloom in all seasons. 🌼

Love the cause, but haven't found a flower? Shop Giving Garden Flowers - each flower purchase also sends $5 to the Global Fund for Women. Or just shop the site, because... 

Every Purchase Gives

Every checkout on katiekismet.com sends a percentage of proceeds to the Global Fund for Women. Other organizations KK has given to this way are Austin's SAFE Alliance and the NAACP.