Katie Kismet supports Global Fund for Women

When women are lifted up, so are families, communities, societies, nations and next generations. It’s the effort that supports a thousand other efforts.

Global Fund for Women works to bring greater equity and opportunity to women around the world, so I’ve chosen it to be KK's primary non-profit.

Katie Kismet supports Global Fund for Women in two ways.

Every Purchase Gives

Every checkout at katiekismet.com sends a percentage of proceeds to the Global Fund for Women. Other organizations KK has supported are Austin's SAFE Alliance, Dress for Success Austin, and the NAACP

The Glass Giving Garden Project

HOW IT WORKS: I “plant” a glass flower somewhere around Austin. (All plantings and clues are announced on my Instagram stories and saved in the “Glass Garden” highlights.)

YOU find the glass flower. 🌸 Yay! Then snap a photo of the flower and share it on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @katiekismet. (Finders can also email their photos to me; the flower will tell you everything.)

When I see your tag, I'll send $5 to the Global Fund for Women. Then you can choose to leave the flower for someone else to find or take it home to enjoy it's bloom in all seasons. 🌼

Love the cause, but haven't found a flower? Shop Giving Garden Flowers - each flower purchase also sends $5 to the Global Fund for Women.