Rhombus Bolo - Black Night Sky
Full view of KISMET's black rhombus modern bolo tie for men and women
Rhombus Bolo - Black Night Sky

Rhombus Bolo - Black Night Sky

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The most subtle sparkle and variation give interest and depth to this sleek black bolo tie. Presented on black leather cord with long silver tips, this one dresses up and down well. 

How to Wear
The original way to wear a bolo is like a necktie: under a collar with the ornament pulled up close to the neck. For a relaxed look, I recommend wearing it like a regular necklace: loosened up, with or without a collar.

Glass: 3.5 cm tall x 2.5 cm wide
Cord length: 38”
Bolo back is iron, tips 44mm silver
Cord: 38” 3mm leather cord; other colors and vegan options available on request

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