The organic ring shape at the center of the Torus Collection is inspired by Chinese ping an kou amulets. While living in Hong Kong some years ago, I noticed the beauty and significance of these ring-shaped jade pendants said to bring good fortune and protection to the wearer. The circular shape represents harmony and wholeness. To me, this shape also represents inclusion, unity, femininity, connection, and vision. 

The shapes you’ll find in the Torus Collection are more organic than ping an kou. This is a result of my process (the way I cut and assemble the glass will be slightly different every time) as well as of minor variations in the firing itself. While other Kismet styles are carefully refined to replicate a more precise shape, for Torus I let the kiln lead me more to the overall final shape. Each piece is a marriage of intention and serendipity.

The Torus color palette is inspired by the painting Woman in a Chemise (1906) by André Derain (above center). At the time of this work, Derain was experimenting with color in new ways, taking it beyond a descriptive function and instead using it to describe emotional states. I see the woman in the painting as assured and comfortable in her skin; contemplative and confident. It’s what’s coming from within her—and the artist’s use of color to express that—that’s magnetic.

Torus includes bright stud earrings, bold necklaces, wrap bracelets, sterling silver stacking rings and elegant drop earrings. The collection’s seven colors include brights, lights and neutrals that are easy to wear and incorporate.

A “torus” is a solid shape formed by rotating a closed curve around a line that lies in the same plane but does not intersect it. In short, it’s a ring-shaped doughnut — just didn't want to name the collection after a fried breakfast food!