KISMET is always on the look-out for great retail partnerships. If you're interested in carrying a selection of my jewelry or wish to collaborate on an exclusive collection, let's talk

Art for the People Gallery | Austin, TX

Welcome to our newest retail partner, Austin's beloved Art for the People Gallery! AFTP is carrying a variety of Katie Kismet bolos for men and women and Torus wrap bracelets. While the brick and mortar shop is closed due to COVID, the AFTP web shop is open all the time.

DivaDance | Austin, TX

We collaborated with DivaDance to create a custom earring collection for the shop at their brand new studio and national HQ located here in Austin!

KISMET's Mini stud earrings are available in mix-and-match sets of white, black and DivaDance's signature pink, as well as pink triangle studs (just like their logo!) Go for the earrings 😉, stay for the bada** dance classes! 

DivaDance's HQ Flagship Studio is conveniently located in Austin's Mueller neighborhood