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Sustainability & Giving Back


When women are lifted up, so are families, communities, societies, nations and next generations. It’s the effort that supports a thousand other efforts.

Global Fund for Women works to bring greater equity and opportunity to women around the world, so I’ve chosen it to be KK's primary non-profit. Katie Kismet supports Global Fund for Women in two ways.

Every checkout at katiekismet.com sends a percentage of proceeds to the Global Fund for Women. Other organizations KK has supported are Austin's SAFE Alliance, Dress for Success Austin, and the NAACP


HOW IT WORKS: I “plant” a glass flower somewhere around Austin. (All plantings and clues are announced on my Instagram stories and saved in the “Glass Garden” highlights.)

YOU find the glass flower. 🌸 Yay! Then snap a photo of the flower and share it on Instagram or Facebook, tagging @katiekismet. (Finders can also email their photos to me; the flower will tell you everything.)

When I see your tag, I'll send $5 to the Global Fund for Women. Then you can choose to leave the flower for someone else to find or take it home to enjoy it's bloom in all seasons. 🌼

Love the cause, but haven't found a flower? Shop Giving Garden Flowers - each flower purchase also sends $5 to the Global Fund for Women. 

Sustainability Mindset

Seeking eco-friendly solutions and striving for sustainability is something I'm intentional about. Here are the things I'm doing:

  • I retain and reuse 95% of my glass supply. What doesn't become jewelry for sale is saved for prototypes and one-of-a-kind pieces. Pieces that don't "work" are saved to be repurposed later.
  • The Rally Collection uses factory-rendered recycled glass colored with natural oxides.
  • I use my own recycled household glass for test designs and in 2022 I plan to offer more items made from it. Plus, all the Glass Giving Garden Project flowers are made from this glass.
  • Many metal elements are made from recycled and reclaimed metals, including ring bands, bracelet hooks, and silver earring bar drops.
  • Cork cord (used for bolos and the Torus line) is eco-friendly and has many natural features that make it a stellar, long-lasting material. Read further here and here.
  • Leather bolo cord is either natural (no dye) or black 'natural-dyed' (a process which uses less dye and energy and results in a softer cord).
  • While I hope you love your jewelry for many years, if it's time for your piece to find a new home, pass it along for someone else to enjoy, or send it back to me (I'll cover shipping!) and I'll upcycle or recycle it for you. Contact me here to do this.
  • I buy as local as I can, every moment I can. Every element of my bolo ties and statement rings is made in the USA.


    • My tissue paper is printed on recycled, sustainable paper with soy ink, which is kinder to the environment than traditional inks.
    • Earring cards, product care cards and other printed marketing materials are printed on paper made from recycled paper and are "uncoated" (not shiny) making them extra recycling-friendly.
    • The packing peanuts I use are biodegradable and compostable. They dissolve in water, leaving no toxic trace. 
    • Shipping boxes, labels, and padded envelopes are made from 100% recycled materials, and are recyclable and biodegradable. Boxes and envelopes are brown kraft paper making them broadly recycling-friendly. 
    • I save and reuse shipping materials. If you receive bubble wrap or a gently used box, it means I received those materials from someone else and am giving them extended use rather than sending them straight to the landfill. I'd love for you to do the same!


    • The Katie Kismet World Domination Headquarters (aka my studio) uses 100% Texas wind power to keep the lights on and the kiln firing. 🔥
    • I use cloth flour sack towels in place of disposable paper towels. One reusable towel replaces at least 10-15 paper towels each production day and is only laundered quarterly.
    • Containers, storage, and most of my retail displays and furniture have come from my personal belongings or were thrifted/upcycled from previous owners. Even my kiln is enjoying its second life with me!
    • I work where I live—one less location and no commute.

    sustainable packaging