Do you take custom orders?

Yes. Please reach out via the Contact page and give me an idea of what you're looking for and your time frame. Due to holiday season, I do not take custom orders October 1–December 31.

Is Katie Kismet available in shops?

Keep up with where KK is currently available on the Stockists page. Are you a retailer looking to carry Katie Kismet? Please see the Wholesale page.

This jewelry is made of glass... can it break?

Smaller items—like stud earrings and most rings and bolos—do not break easily. Larger and/or thinner pieces are more at-risk, but with a little mindfulness you shouldn't have a problem. Take particular care around concrete. Learn more about jewelry care here. 

How do I care for my Katie Kismet?

Start here to learn about jewelry care, styling tips, and more.

Do you create memorial pieces?

Yes, I do, and I'd be honored to pursue this idea with you. Contact me with your thoughts and timeline to get started. Memorial pieces include a small amount of your loved one's ashes encased in the glass piece. Bolo ties, pendants and rings are ideal for this application.

Do you sell one-of-a-kinds?

Yes, I do, but not online. Visit me at an event to shop one-of-a-kinds.

A Note About Sustainability

Seeking eco-friendly solutions and striving for sustainability is something I'm intentional about. Impact on the environment is always a consideration when I pursue new supplies, packaging, display or product. (I also reuse packing materials I receive, so if you see bubble wrap in your package, that's why. 😉) Learn more about sustainability efforts here.

Truly Handmade

Each and every Katie Kismet piece has been handcrafted, and a number of factors can affect the outcome. Because of the handmade nature, each item is unique and full of character. You may find variations from the image shown or from one piece to another; these make each Katie Kismet piece truly one of a kind.