Bolo Tie Styling and Care

Styling and Caring for Your Katie Kismet Bolo Tie


Bolos are easy to style and can be worn by all genders! Because they're unisex and adjustable, they make great gifts for anyone you know. 

The original way to wear a bolo is like a necktie: under a collar with the ornament pulled up to the neck. For a more relaxed look, I recommend wearing it loosened up, hitting a few inches below the clavicle. Bolos look sharp with or without a collar.


To keep your bolo cord looking its best, I recommend storing it with the glass ornament pulled up (so the loop is smaller than your neck), and lying flat or hanging. 

Store your bolo tie in a protected environment as it can be scratched by other hard items. If you travel with your bolo, keep it protected by laying it flat within clothes. To clean the glass, wipe with any microfiber cloth. To really make it shine, wipe with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth. 

If you experience a glass break, please reach out to me and we'll discuss what can be done. 


Katie Kismet bolos feature three tip styles:

  • Classic sterling silver (handmade by Native American craftspeople)
  • White brass custom Katie Kismet-designed tips 
  • Silver plated spike charm tips

When not wearing your bolo, store it in a low-oxygen environment. The small plastic bag with an anti-tarnish tab that may have come with your bolo is meant to hold the tips (slide them in then seal as much as you can given the cord). 

The brass and sterling silver tips can be polished with silver cloth, microfiber, or other soft, nonabrasive cloth.


The natural leather is meant to age. Over time most scratches and spots will recede as the entire piece of leather develops it's own character. For clamp-style (lever) bolo backs on leather cord, I recommend storing the bolo tie unclamped. This will help avoid making excess clamp indentations on the cord.


Cork is pretty amazing! It's more eco-friendly and sustainable than leather, and, of course, it's vegan. On top of all that, cork's non-linear cellular structure makes it seriously resistant to scratches, cracks and water penetration.

Your cork bolo tie is far less prone to show clasp marks and water-based liquids are likely to roll right off. The only caution is that, like leather, cork can 'tan' with long term exposure to sunlight, so it's best to store items in a space protected from daily sun.