Seeking eco-friendly solutions and striving for sustainability is something I'm intentional about. Here are the things I'm doing:


  • I retain and reuse 95% of my glass supply. What doesn't become jewelry is saved for prototypes and one-of-a-kind pieces. Pieces that don't "work" are saved to be repurposed in a different form later.
  • The Rally Collection uses factory-rendered recycled glass colored with natural oxides.
  • I'm currently prototyping a second recycled glass line to launch in 2021.
  • Most silver elements are made from recycled and reclaimed sterling silver. 
  • My vegan cord options are sustainable.
  • While I hope you love your KK jewelry for many years, if you're piece is showing wear or you're just not feeling it anymore, you have options:
    • Pass the piece along for someone else to enjoy!
    • Remove metal elements yourself, then place the glass in recycling.


  • KK tissue paper and product care cards are printed on recycled, sustainable paper with soy ink (which is kinder to the environment).
  • Business and jewelry cards are printed on paper made from recycled peper and are recyclable.
  • The packing peanuts I use are biodegradable and compostable. They dissolve in water and leave no toxic trace.
  • KK shipping boxes are sustainable, and I will move to sustainable bubble mailers when I run out of the supplies I already have. (The only thing worse than not starting eco-friendly is wasting what you already have!)
  • I save and reuse shipping materials I receive from other vendors, including bubble wrap and tissue paper.
  • Boxes, bags, gift wrap, and tissue are usually logo-free in the hopes that you'll reuse them!


  • The KK World Domination Headquarters (aka my workshop) uses 100% Texas wind power to keep the lights on and the kiln firing. 🔥
  • I work where I live. One less location and no commute!

sustainable packaging