Stone Collection

The Stone Collection is inspired by some of nature's greatest hits: turquoise, jade, amber and glistening sand. These glass stone effects are created with frit, which is simply glass crushed to varying sizes. 

Each stone look is made with a different recipe of colors and sizes of frit—sometimes up to fifteen different variants. The mixture is fired to create one sheet of glass, which is then cut, shaped and fired again. Sometimes the elements are further refined and fired a third time to achieve their final state.

The Stone Collection is unlike the other boldly color-focused Kismet collections, providing wearers go-with-anything, natural-vibing pieces such as bolo ties, statement rings, hoop drop earrings and small stud earrings.

Each design is available in glass versions of Amber, Jade, Sand and Turquoise, and feature sterling silver as the metal complement. This earthy and grounded collection offers sophisticated styles that echo our natural world.

Credit to Karen Tarlow, an accomplished fused glass artist and instructor, who originated the recipes with which I began. Over time I’ve made my own adjustments to the mixes to better suit the jewelry you see here.