Jewelry Care

Care & Maintenance


I recommend storing your jewelry in a soft, protected environment as it can be scratched by other hard items. Most smaller glass items (like stud earrings) would actually be difficult to break, but larger pieces (such as statement rings and home accessories) are more at risk. 

If you travel with KK pieces, wrap them in something soft then pack snug within a firm-sided box or case. To clean, wipe with any microfiber cloth. To really make it shine, wipe with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth. 


When not wearing your sterling silver, white brass or silver plated pieces, store them in a low-oxygen environment, such as a flannel jewelry bag or sealed plastic bag. Frequent and/or intense exposure to grooming and cleaning products can be hard on metal finishes and can contribute to tarnishing.

Katie Kismet metals can be polished with a silver cloth, but a lint-free flannel, microfiber, or other soft, nonabrasive cloth will do as well. (Paper towels and tissues aren't recommended as they contain fibers that can scratch.)


The natural leather I use is meant to age with time. Over time most scratches and spots will recede as the entire piece of leather develops it's own character. For clamp-style (lever) bolo backs on leather cord, I recommend storing the bolo tie unclamped. This will help avoid making excess clamp indentations on the cord.


Cork is pretty amazing! Cork is more eco-friendly and sustainable than leather, and, of course, it's vegan. On top of all that, cork's non-linear cellular structure makes it seriously resistant to scratches, cracks and water penetration.

Your cork bolo tie is far less prone to show clasp marks and water-based liquids are likely to roll right off of your cork items. The only caution is that cork can 'tan' with long term exposure to sunlight, so it's best to store items in a space protected from daily sun.