Katie Kismet's Eco-Friendly, Vegan Leather Alternatives

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In keeping with my ongoing sustainability efforts, I've been on a continuous hunt for stellar leather alternatives for the Katie Kismet bolo ties and Torus designs that use leather cord. 

While I like the look and feel of the leather I use for our bolo ties and Torus styles, I recognize there's a growing movement away from leather goods. I feel this externally when customers ask me if I have a non-leather option (as happens often in Austin), and I feel it internally from both environmental and animal-lover perspectives.

Hit me with the options!

I've not yet found the "perfect leather substitute" but I have finally found great alternatives that work well with the Katie Kismet styles. There are two kinds of leather alternatives to choose from:

  • Biodegradable cotton, which is a soft, cottony-feeling cord, and
  • Vegan leather, a vegetable-dyed cotton cord with a finish that looks and feels more like actual leather

Cord Options for some Katie Kismet Bolo Ties

Katie Kismet bolo tie cord options

Cord Options for Torus Wrap Bracelets

Katie Kismet wrap bracelet cord options

Cord Options for Torus Necklaces

Torus Necklace cord options

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